Nipple Clamps Dept.

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What are your favorite types? What are your experiences? How about some good souces, good designs, for well-made, well-priced, discreetly shipped ones? Rubber tips? Spring-loaded, screw-adjusted or -?-. Chain jewelry connected? Any interesting ways you've used them on someone, or had them used on you? What do people know about safety, circulation to the tissues, length of time on before releasing them awhile? Unusual experiences? Favorite ones? Photos? Website links? What about clothespins, mini-clothespins, or other clips or clamps, not just two on nipples, not many arranged around the breasts? What about an artistic array of clothespins removed from a restrained submissive with a Dom &/or Domme's riding crop? What else? Enjoy this group, and please feel free to upload photos, links, comments, topics, and to answer each other's questions

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